New Program For Residents Of Puerto Rico

Great News For Anyone Looking To Sell Their Items

We are pleased to announce that now there is a new and improved service for anyone residing in Puerto Rico. We are now offering a monthly membership that can be a great benefit to the members. For a small fee of $45.00 a month, you can bring us your items for sale. The $45.00 a month covers the following:

  • Storage
  • Photos
  • Online Store Presence
  • Office Administration

It is like owing your own business but we do all the work. You keep all sales associated with your items. Yes; you will need to sign a contract. But you will be able to list in our store. We handle all administrative processes. So you need to move and cannot have these items sitting around for long? Now you no longer need to store these items and wait for a sale. We will sell it for you. It’s that simple.  One of our greatest offers is the ability to collect all your sales via PayPal.

Join our FaceBook group today if you live in Puerto Rico and would like to be a part of this new opportunity. Click here and join us today! 


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