Puerto Rico Needs To Rebuild Trust With The World

Trust has been lost here among its people and the rest of the world. It seems that nobody wants to do business here. I’ve been observing all situations and people for a long time. Stories have been told about how our island is being run but knowing that the people here are more likely to hurt each other. Why? Because they are against their Government, so they split ideas, bring each other to conflicts of interest. This is actually putting a huge burden on the working class. What is bothering the most is that those people who are against the United States end up moving to the USA or receive assistance in the form of Food Stamps, Medicaid, Federal Housing (Section 8).

If you are against the USA, which have come to control their funds due to corruption here, then there is a huge mental incapacity forming right in your own soil. Our company is now focusing on building the trust that has been lost because of the corruption on all levels in Puerto Rico. Our people need to learn how to control their own homes before trying to control an entity that does not care about them at all. Control comes from the house first. Providing a secure place for your family, placing food on the table, keeping everyone in your family 100% safe health wise.

Our company right now is concerned because of the high-rise of Puerto Ricans living in a box filled with dreams but never joining forces to accomplish anything. They live with the FREE mentality. Everything they want, they want it FREE!

Services, Products need to be paid for, this is how we keep a financial balance in life. Our Government has fallen apart because of bad financial management. What I hear and see here is that Puerto Ricans complain about the Government, yet their own families are falling apart because of the same mentality as the Government.We cannot live based on the Governments assistance here. There has to be more common sense to all this nonsense.

Run your family first. Keep your mind focused on your own finances and stop worrying about how and why this island is being run incorrectly because your own home needs attention as it’s falling apart right now. Put your family first and separate from the Government now!


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