Ya Es Hora Para Laboral

Buenos Días, ya es hora para laborar. Hoy es lunes, vamos aprovechar el día para hacer productivos. Un café caliente y seguir adelante con una sonrisa y el pensamiento positivo. 


We Are Making Changes On Our Face book Fan Page and Blog

These changes are important for us because we need to serve both Spanish and English residents. We will be adding a translator to our blog today so that everyone can stay updated on our latest post.


Financial Management Is A Learning Process

What is Financial Management?

The Planning, Directing, Monitoring, Organizing, and Controlling of Monetary Resources of an organization.

Many businesses and individuals fail with money because of a lack of management. Everyone wants money, but at what cost? There are so many ways of securing an income but did you know that money is really manageable? I see it all the time with people who I meet, they have money but do not have the common sense to use it correctly. They over spend on things that are not in fact a necessary item. They Gamble the only thing they have in their pockets, wishing to gain more. People today just live a DREAM.

How come I have a source of income but cannot enjoy it?

Your source of income cannot be enjoyed because you spend it on things that you do not need.

Can I actually save money?

Yes; of course you can save money.

How can I save money?

You can save money by converting your own thought patterns.

Is Financial Management Easy To Learn?

Yes; only if you have the ability to re-program your mind and follow your financial management rules. If you are falling behind on your financial books, you do not need a Degree to fix or have this fixed for you. All you need is the power to re-program your own mind and set up your financial rules. Setting up these rules will keep you in top shape to battle your finances.

Open Opportunity To Expose Your Business

We are now offering a space in our blog, so that anyone with a service or home business can advertise. You must live and operate in Puerto Rico or United States. Due to the economic crisis, we have decided to open our doors to our local community so that everyone can have a chance to expand their business. There is plenty of hope in our island and abroad, we want the best for everyone. Space is limited and the monthly rental is affordable. We will be advertising and writing about your business so that it can have the maximum exposure. Contact us today for more information at: imcs4you@gmail.com

We serve all of Puerto Rico and the United States. Right now we are going to list by Photo all local business with contact information. So place your ad today! Monthly rental $45.00, includes written post of your business. Let us help you expand!

We accept PayPal and ATH Movil for fast and easy payments. This is a no contract deal, pay as you go. Its easy. Give us a try today..

PayPal Me For Easy Payments

We are glad to inform that there is a new way to pay for your items via our Facebook Group. Here you will find the link to our listings as well as the PayPal Me link to pay for your items.  It’s fast, free and very secured. Go ahead place your first order today.  We are working hard to provide the best services for everyone.

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Bingo Time


Having a great time with my wife and neighbors..